Firangi 2017 Free Movie Download 720p BluRay

Firangi 2017 Movie Free Download 720p

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Full Name:  Firangi 2017 Movie
Size: 824 MB
Quality: 720p
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
Release Date:  1 december 2017
Language: Hindi
Cast:   Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill

Firangi (2017) on IMDb 4.7/10  Votes 753

Firangi 2017 Movie Free Download 720p.In the year 1920, when India’s freedom movement was gaining momentum, one man firmly believed that the Britishers were not as bad as they were being made out to be.

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Unlike everyone in his village, Manga (Kapil Sharma) believes the British are good people and mean no harm to the villagers. His ‘special skill’ lands him a job with the Britishers. He then falls in love with a nice, Punjabi girl (Ishita Dutta) who just happens to be the granddaughter of one of the leaders of the local movement against the British. Obviously, this romance does not go down well with the old man and the love story comes to an abrupt halt. However, a turn of events prove him wrong about the Britisher’s intentions and Manga turns against the foreign rulers.

Will Manga leave the one job he has got in his life for the love of his life or will he really be as selfish as others accuse of him being and let his ladylove go?

Will he prove his love for his own people or will he be branded as a traitor forever?





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Firangi 2017 Free Download 720p Blu Ray

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