Bang Bang 2014 Movie Free Download HD

Bang Bang 2014 Movie Free Download In HD

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Full Name: Bang Bang 2014 Movie
Size: 1.2 GB
Quality: HD
Genres:  Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 02 October 2014
Language: Hindi
Cast:  Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Pavan Malhotra

Bang Bang (2014) on IMDb 5.5/10 19,603 Votes

Bang Bang 2014 Movie Free Download HD. A young bank receptionist gets mixed up with Rajveer Nanda, a man who has a mysterious background.

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Some place in London, Colonel Viren Nanda goes to meet a needed fear based oppressor Omar Zafar in his holding cell. As Viren advises Zafar that he will be removed back to India for his wrongdoings, Zafar’s men enter his holding cell, driven by Hamid Gul, executing all gatekeepers around them, with Zafar then slaughtering Viren by shooting him and afterward consuming him. As Zafar escapes in a helicopter looking out for the rooftop, he puts a $5 million reward for somebody to take the Koh-I-Noor jewel from the Tower of London, yet with one condition, the cheat must be Indian, to hold up another removal arrangement among India and UK. Before long, a man named Rajveer Nanda takes it, and when Zafar’s men, driven by Shoaib Hakhsar are educated of the robbery, they travel to Rajveer for the arrangement. In spite of the fact that they at first travel with the $5 million rewards, Rajveer educates them that he presently needs $20 million for the arrangement.

Following the abhor of the remark made by Rajveer, a battle breaks out among Rajveer and Zafar’s men after which Rajveer takes off. Following a break, he sees a young woman, Harleen Sahni sitting in an eatery, who is there hanging tight for her web date, “Vickie Kapoor”, to appear. Rajveer enters the eatery acting like “Vickie” and charms her over. He persuades Harleen to utilize the washroom and keeping in mind that she is in there, Rajveer battles the rest of the men who came looking for him and leaves the eatery, a lot to the unnerving of Harleen. As she drives home, Harleen incidentally keeps running over Rajveer, who requests that she join up a shot injury continued amid the battle. Rajveer then gives Harleen tranquilized water, with her agreeing to what he says around a couple of government authorities, illuminating her about where to discover weapons underneath some vehicle situate and what they will say about him.

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Bang Bang 2014 Movie Free Download HD

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